JETEX PETROLEUM LTD was registered in England & Wales in 2012 to develop new plays in the Southern North Sea.

The focus has been on Dinantian Carbonates and, after selling its UK licences, Jetex currently holds two Netherlands licences P8b and P10c. The term of both licences continues through 31 December 2024. EBN elected a 40% working interest with Jetex retaining a 60% operated interest.

The licences cover 354km2 with four Dinantian prospects and three shallower Namurian prospects. The initial drill-or-drop well obligation depth is 4,000m.

Jetex has reprocessed 415km2 3D seismic through pre-stack depth migration and 454m 2D seismic to satisfy all pre-drilling work programme requirements.

Potential gas resources are multi-TCF with alternative CCS possibilities.

Jetex has an equity funding relationship with Riverside Energy Group, Houston.