JETEX PETROLEUM LTD was formed in 2012 to develop new plays in the North Sea.

The initial focus was on Dinantian Carbonates in the Southern North Sea and Jetex currently holds four blocks P4, P7, P8b and P10c awarded by the Netherlands Government in 2016. 

A second play is the Moray Firth Alness spiculite sand where Jetex holds Block 12/29a, awarded in 2014 in the UK 28th Bid Round, and Block 12/28a, awarded in the Supplementary Round in 2017. The Alness is being explored jointly with the underlying Beatrice Sand conventional reservoir.

Jetex entered into a financing agreement with White Deer Energy L.P. II, New York in 2016 and is currently in a 50% equity partnership with Riverside Energy Group also financed by White Deer.